Every new member of the Plasma Processing Laboratory (PPL) must be granted the Basic Laboratory Safety Clearance (BLSC) before being authorized to work alone in the laboratory. The BLSC guarantees that (you) have received the appropriate basic information and training pertaining to laboratory safety and use of common PPL equipment. Your direct supervisor – a professor or a graduate student of the PPL – is responsible for your training. In order to be granted the BLSC, you will have to demonstrate your knowledge of basic laboratory safety and practices to a member of the Departmental safety committee (Mr. Frank Caporuscio) and to your immediate supervisor. The BLSC does not constitute a substitute to the Departmental Safety Questionnaire & Demonstration that is aimed at qualifying you for the use of a specific laboratory setup. Rather, it constitutes a first step towards completing these important requirements. The comprehensive list of questions that are included in this document will help you prepare for the BLSC examination. Make sure you find answers to all questions with the help of your immediate supervisor and independent readings and searches.

Download theĀ Basic Laboratory Safety Clearance