Nanomaterials and Nanostructured Surfaces



ZnO-CNT nanocomposite coatings
Student: Martin Lennox
Investigator:Dr. Sylvain Coulombe.
Synthesis of CdSe nano-particles by laser ablation
Student: Larissa Jorge
Investigator: Dr. Jean-Luc Meunier & Dr. Sylvain Coulombe.
Multi-scale simulation of nanofluid dynamics
Student: Felipe Aristizabal.
Investigator :  Dr. Sylvain Coulombe.
Dual-plasma synthesis of nanocomposites
Student:  Husam Al-rameeni (summer intern 2012)
Investigator: Dr. Sylvain Coulombe
Investigating the effects of CNT nanofluids on gas hydrate formation
Student: James Pasieka.
Investigator: Dr. Sylvain Coulombe & Prof.P.Servio .
Synthesis and characterization of nanofluids for optical applications
Student: Fanny Siau (intern summer 2012).
Investigators: Dr. Sylvain Coulombe.