The world’s energy demand has been increasing exponentially and will continue to do so for the upcoming years. This is becoming a major issue since we are heavily-dependent on traditional fossil fuels which are being depleted and which represent an important source of greenhouse gas emissions. There is a pressing need for alternative energy sources and processes which are more sustainable. Researchers of the PPL utilize the unique properties of nanoparticles and heterogeneous nanostructures to harness the Sun’s thermal energy, to produce H2 from H2O, to hydrogenate CO2 to useful fuels, and develop plasma-assisted combustion equipments.


Nanofluids for solar thermal energy harvesting
Student: Nathan hordy.
Investigator: Dr. Jean-Luc Meunier and Dr. Sylvain Coulombe.
Plasma assisted combustion
Student: Mathew Evans
Investigator: Dr. Sylvain Coulombe.
Laser ablation synthesis of Ni-based nanoparticles for three-dimensional cathodes for alkaline hydrogen generators
Student : Mark McArthur
Investigator: Dr. Sylvain Coulombe, Prof. S. Omanovic.