With Prof. Girard-Lauriault
MEng projects
 – Preparation of plasma polymer coatings with a well defined surface-near chemical depth profile.
– Evaluation of the behavior or plasma prepared organic coatings exposed to aqueous solutions.
– Effects of temperature and ambient atmosphere on the aging of plasma prepared organic coatings.
– Developments of chemical derivatization strategies for plasma prepared organic coatings.

PhD projects
– Plasma prepared organic coatings for cell sorting aimed at BioMEMS and biochip applications.
– Development of a surface engineered polymer based aneurysm coils.
– Plasma prepared organic coatings to influence cell processes in neuron networks.
– Development of synchrotron XPS strategies for the non-destructive determination of chemical depth profiles in an ultra-shallow surface near layer. (with Prof. Paynter, INRS)