Dr. Norma Mendoza, Ph.D.

Research Associate

Plasma Processing Lab. (PPL)
Department of Chemical Engineering
McGill University
Supervisor: Prof. Jean-Luc Meunier

My experience is in modeling and simulation of thermal plasma processes. Specifically, I work to predict the interaction of electromagnetic fields with fluid dynamics and nanoparticle nucleation mechanisms.  I collaborate with the multidisciplinary team of the PPL for the fundamental research and reactor optimization of thermal plasma technology for application on nanomaterial synthesis, waste treatment and recovery of energy.

Current modeling projects

– Homogeneous nucleation of graphene nanoflakes (GNFs) in thermal plasma

– Parametric study on particle diameter considering the influence of reactor wall angle

– DC torch design (reactor expansion)

– Adding N functional groups to graphene nanoflakes

– Plasma expansion and nanoparticle nucleation in laser-surface interaction

Modeling tools

– Fluent ANSYS (Fluent workbench 14.5,  Fluent 6.3.26, Gambit),  C programming, Windows and Linux platforms.


Ph.D. Chemical Engineering (2003-2008), Université de Sherbrooke 

M.Sc.A. Chemical Engineering (2000-2002), Université de Sherbrooke

B.Sc.A. Chemical Engineering (1991-1996), BUAP


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Hordy N, Mendoza-Gonzalez N-Y, Coulombe S, Meunier J-L. “The Effect of Carbon Input on the Morphology and Attachment of Carbon Nanotubes Grown Directly from Stainless Steel”. Carbon. In press (2013).

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Meunier J-L, Berk D, Pristavita R, Binny D, Mendoza-Gonzalez N-Y , Pascone P-A, Fabrication and functionalization of a pure non-noble metal catalyst structure showing time stability for large scale applications, U.S. Provisional Patent Application: USPTO No. 61/665,566, filing date: June 28 2012.

 Research collaboration

– Adjunct Professor in the Chemical Engineering Faculty of BUAP

– Invited Researcher at  “Centro de Investigación en Dispositivos Semiconductores” CIDS-BUAP


– Member of the National System of Researchers, Mexico (SNI), since January 2014.