Nathan Hordy

At the Franz Josef Glacier in NZ

At the Franz Josef Glacier in NZ

Supervisor: Sylvain Coulombe

Collaborators: Larissa Jorge, Mark McArthur

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Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at McGill University (2011-2014)
Title: Plasma Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes Suspensions for Direct Absorption Solar Thermal Energy Systems”

M. Eng. in Chemical Engineering from McGill University (2009-2011)                                    Title: “Direct growth of carbon nanotubes from stainless steel grids and plasma functionalization for poly(vinyl alcohol) composite production”

B.Eng. in Chemical Engineering from Queen’s University (2005-2009)


Postdoctoral Fellow at McGill University (2014-Present)
Focus: Scale-Up of Nanostructured Electrocatalyst and Nanofluid Synthesis 

My work utilizes the unique properties of nanomaterials as a tool in attacking some of the major issues of our generation. As we are facing complex problems, we must look for innovative and multidisciplinary solutions. My current research involves the scale-up of current lab scale processes for commercialization. The primary goal is the inexpensive production of carbon nanotube electrocatalysts and nanofluids for optical heating in medical applications. 


International Patent application (PCT): Coulombe S, Meunier J-L, Hordy N, Jorge L, Vandsburger L, Roche P, “Nanofluid with nanoparticle-decorated multiwall carbon nanotubes and method of preparation thereof”, PCT/CA2014/050276, 17/03/2014.


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Hordy N
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Best Paper Award