Larissa Jorge

Supervisors: Sylvain Coulombe, Jean-Luc Meunier

Collaborators: Mark McArthur

In December 2010, I completed a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry at McGill University. During this degree, I had the opportunity to work in three different research groups: Prof. Tito Scaiano’s group at University of Ottawa (Summer 2008, photochemistry), Prof. Jean-Luc Meunier and Prof. Sylvain Coulombe’s group (Summer 2009, heteronanocomposites) and Prof. Eric Salin’s group (Summer and Fall 2010, lab-on-a-chip applications), both at McGill University.

In 2011, I joined (again!) Prof. Meunier and Prof. Coulombe’s group for a M. Eng. degree. My project consists in developing new heteronanocomposites for the use in photovoltaic cells. It has been shown that CdSe nanoparticles deposited on carbon nanocups can be used as a photoelectrode, absorbing photons to generate electrons and thus, form a photocurrent in a photoelectrochemical cell. For our work, carbon nanotubes synthesized by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) directly on stainless steel meshes are decorated by CdSe nanoparticles produced by laser ablation (LA). Both methods chosen, CVD and LA, offer the advantage of being simple dry methods, where there is no need to deal with solvents and large amounts of waste. Work is still on-going to characterize the photoresponse of this novel electrode.


FQRNT Masters research scholarship: 2012

NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarship Masters: 2011

Science Undergraduate Research: Summer 2010

NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award: Summers 2008 and 2009

James McGill Entrance Scholarship: 2007-2010


M. González-Béjar, M. Frenette, L. Jorge and J. C. Scaiano, Chem. Commun., 2009, 3202-3204


L. Jorge, S. Coulombe, J.-L. Meunier, Synthèse de composites de nanotubes de carbone et nanoparticules de CdSe pour le développement de nouvelles cellules photovoltaïques, Oral presentation at Plasma Québec 2012.

N. Hordy, L. Jorge, S. Coulombe, J.-L. Meunier, Carbon nanotube-based solar collectors for solar-thermal and photovoltaic applications, Poster presentation at NanoQuébec 2012.

L. Jorge, E. J. Templeton, C. D. Skinner, E. D. Salin, Frontal chromatography on a centrifugal microfluidic device, Poster presentation at Pittcon 2011.