Prof. Sylvain Coulombe, ing., Ph.D.

Professor & Department Chair
Gerald Hatch Faculty Fellow
Plasma Process
ing Laboratory – PPL
Department of Chemical Engineering
McGill University
3610 University Street
Montréal, Québec, Canada, H3A 0C5
(+1) 514 398 5213

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B.Sc. Physics (1991), Université de Sherbrooke
M.Sc.A. Chemical Engineering (1994), Université de Sherbrooke
Ph.D. Chemical Engineering (1998), McGill University
Examens de l’OIQ – Génie physique (2003-2007)
Back in the days at CRTP…

Teaching Responsibilities
CHEE301 Resource Recovery from Waste – Undergraduate Tech. Comp.
CHEE401 Energy Systems Engineering – Core Undergraduate
CHEE456/457 Design Project I & II

Main Research Theme: Plasma Processing
Non-Thermal Plasma Processing
  • High voltage nanosecond pulsers
  • Novel plasma sources
  • Electrical-to-chemical energy conversion
  • Plasma-assisted combustion
  • Gas conversion
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Plasma medicine
Thermal Plasma Processing
  • Arc-electrode interactions
  • Advanced material synthesis
Synthesis of nanomaterials (CVD, PECVD, PLA)
  • Stable MWCNT nanofluids
  • MWCNT-supported metal nanoparticle electrocatalysts
  • Functionalized/coated nanoparticles
Editorial Activities
Plasma Processes & PolymersInternational Advisory Board
Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing, Editorial Board
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, Advisory Panel

McGill Sustainability Systems Initiative (MSSI)
Trottier Institute for Sustainability in Engineering and Design (TISED)
IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society (IEEE NPSS), Senior Member
International Plasma Chemistry Society (IPCS), Board of Directors, Vice-President (2018-2019)
Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec
, Génie physique, OIQ #128770
Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC)

Awards and Recognitions
NSERC Discovery Accelerator Supplement Award (2017-2020)
Outstanding Reviewer Award 2016 for J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys.

Gerald Hatch Faculty Fellow (2015-2018)
Carrie M. Derick Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching & Supervision, McGill University (2010)
Canada Research Chair, Government of Canada (2002-2012)
Dean’s List of Honors, Ph.D., McGill University (1998)

Expertise for Consulting
Plasma science and engineering, plasma reactor and process design, resource recovery from waste, laser ablation, plasma diagnostics, process control and instrumentation, heat and mass transfer, nanoparticle synthesis, heterogeneous nanostructured coatings and nanofluids.

Employment History
07/2013-Now: Full Professor
09/2012-06/2018: Department Chair
06/2007-06/2013: Associate Professor
09/2001-05/2007: Assistant Professor
10/1997 to 08/2001: Senior Research Scientist, GE Global Research