Prof. Coulombe’s Industrial R&D partnerships

  • 2013-2015 / NSERC Collaborative Research & Development project with the Alternative Fuels Laboratory/AFL (Prof. Jeff Bergthorson, Mech. Eng., McGill) and Rolls Royce Canada/RRC on plasma-assisted combustion. Researchers: M. Evans and P. Diaz.
  • 2014 / NSERC ENGAGE with PyroGenesis Canada Inc. on the utilization of an electric arc furnace for waste treatment. Researcher: H. Al-rameeni.
  • 2014-2015 / MITACS Accelerate with PyroGenesis Canada Inc. on the development of the twin-cathode electric arc furnace. Researcher: Dr. Felipe Aristizabal.
  • 2014 / MITACS Accelerate with Leap Medical Labs Inc. for the synthesis of nanofluids. Researcher: Dr. Nathan Hordy.